Film Review – War Dance

“War Dance tells the story of Uganda’s brutal civil war through the eyes of a group of children whose love of music brings joy, excitement and hope back into their poverty-stricken lives. Dominic, Nancy and Rose have lived in the most dangerous part of the war zone and witnessed unimaginable atrocities. War Dance follows their historic journey as they compete for the first time in the finals of Uganda’s National Music and Dance Competition. Devastated by the horrors of war, they carry the hopes and dreams of their entire village with them as they struggle to be crowned national champion. A stirring tale about the power of the human spirit to triumph against tremendous odds”

This film really touches where it hurts.

Nancy, aged 14, showing her grief at the gravesite of her father who was hacked to pieces by rebel soldiers, is a scene that I could  never forget.

Nor her saying to her mother – “feeling sad about his death all the time doesn’t change anything does it”

It is a story of unbelievable sadness and that people could overcome such grief as these people have suffered is hard to imagine.

But as the elderly man who teaches the children their traditional dances and songs says – “the fighting has left us with a lot of scars – but that is not where the story ends”

To find out more about where the story ends visit here


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