Book review – Keystone by Peter Lovesey

“The moment Warwick Easton, an aspiring English actor, enters the crazy world of Keystone Film Studios, he knows he is in for a rough ride. Producer Mack Sennett, the “King of Comedy” insists on calling him Keystone – but comedy swiftly turns to crime.  Shocking things occur which are not in any script – a horrific death on a roller coaster… a body in a bungalow… a shooting on the beach.  Keystone the Cop gets on the trail – his mission to find the blonde actress, Amber Honeybee. But he soon ends up playing detective for real, with deadly stakes of bribery, kidnap and murder…”

Peter Lovesey books are in a category of their own.  Technically mysteries, Peter’s wit and larger than life characters add quite a large touch of whimsy.  Being set on a film set for Keystone Cops films, this one has even more slapstick quality than most.  I enjoy his books immensely and yet I can’t quite get rid of the feeling that I am wasting my time and “should” be reading something deeper.  Not mysterious enough to be called “thrilling”, not humorous enough to be “hilarious”, and yet thoroughly entertaining.  I get the feeling that Peter Lovesey gets enormous pleasure himself in conjuring up his characters and plots.


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